It's the 2015 Winter Guard season!!

We are super excited for this year. The new face of San Diego State University’s Aztec Winter Guard is COMING!

We have new staff and new ideas that will be sure to surprise you. This year the guard is growing again and we are pleased to announce new staff as part of our growing process. Michele Whalley and Brent Dunlap performed and worked with world class groups that have consistently made finals at World Championships and Rob Jett, our show designer, has countless titles and medals under his belt. Combining our new staff with new members and our tradition as a competitive San Diego unit creates an exciting new moment for the guard.

GOOD NEWS! We will be traveling once again to Dayton, Ohio to compete in World Championships. We are focusing our fundraising efforts toward this trip and other expenses. We have created a GoFundMe Account for our fans and supporters to help us with our goals this year. Some of the items on our Christmas lists are new equipment like silks, rifles, and sabres; we would also like some miscellaneous items like floor covers, gloves, and tape. You could help us this season by donating to the SDSU Aztec Winter Guard team here:

We will keep our fans updated on our progress throughout the season through this website and also through our Facebook page. Go like us on Facebook now to get more updates!

Again thank you so much for your ongoing support with this organization that has changed student’s lives throughout their years. SDSU Aztec Winter Guard, not just a team, but a FAMILY.