Putting it all together

We started off this month working at full speed! We've been especially busy with staging and learning drill,  perfecting our basics, playing around with tricks and gymnastics with our props, and filling in choreography. We also made the finishing touches to our floor so that it creates the perfect setting for our performance. This is such an important time for our team because we are coordinating all the smaller elements and bringing them together to create our show. This Aztec train is leaving the station! We could not be more excited for our first show in February. 

We also have some very awesome fundraisers coming up in the next couple months! Make sure to keep an eye out for the announcement of those dates and time. The first is Trujillo's Taco Shop across the street from campus on Tuesday, January 27th. Make sure you pick up a flier from Liz and present it when you order.

As always, we are constantly looking for more sponsors, so if you have not donated yet please don't hesitate! We still have a GoFundMe Account for our fans and supporters to help us with our goals this year. We appreciate all the support and donations from all our friends and family! 


Don't forget to keep up with our progress and what we are up to on our website. Thank you to everyone who has followed us this far into our winter guard season. And don't forget to like us on Facebook too! 


Love, SDSU Aztec Winter Guard. One team, one dream.