Member Spotlight with Liz Tapia!


Let's Meet Our Staff Assistant and Super Vet, Liz Tapia!

How did you get involved with SDSU guard? How many years have you spun with the guard?
An old alumni (Vania) reach out to me after I graduated high school. She had mistaken me for my twin, and I'm glad she did! I've been doing this since summer of 2011 - so 7 going on 8 years!

What makes you come back year after year? 
I love watching performers go from rookies to vets! They continue to go above the set standards, and it's really exciting to watch everyone grow. There were many moments during my winter guard seasons here that made me wonder if we'll recruit enough people to even keep a competitive team going. Once Michele came in fall of 2014, I knew things were only going up from there. When Michele put me on staff as the Staff Assistant, it was a win-win for me. I get to perform in the fall, and be on staff for winter.

What is your most memorable experience so far?
I definitely love all the bowl games and Charger games that we performed at. We have been to the Poinsettia Bowl Game here in San Diego about 3 times, but being able to travel to Fort Worth, Las Vegas, and Idaho are the most memorable experiences I've had with the guard. Nothing beats traveling with your team.

How have the dynamics changed since when you first joined? 
Drastically in the best way possible. Everyone always wanted to be good and have fun, but it never really clicked as a team about how good we wanted to be. Now everyone has the same goal, and we're all ready to go and everyone is communicating effectively on how we're going to do it. It's a much more positive and progressive dynamic.

What are your hopes for our performers this year?
To see how much they've grown throughout one season. They won't know it yet, but they're going to grow so much, both as better performers and as better people. And not just like "do this toss" or "do this trick" by the end of the season. But understanding what your body needs to do as a performer, and how to work as a team and having communication with others as a member of this team.

What advice would you give to a rookie and someone wanting to march with a college color guard? 
Perform to point 4, just kidding! At this level, it may seem scary and hectic at first, but it's like going on a roller coaster - all roller coasters are better with friends!
The friendships you make here are irreplaceable, and the memories you make are unforgettable. Don't have any self doubts, come in with a can-do attitude, and remember to always have fun! Because everyone else is doing the same.