Winter Guard Recap

"The scores are up!"

For a split second, everyone in the van shared the same thought: Did we make it? Instantly we pulled out our phones, hoping our performance pushed us into WGI's Independent A Finals. The moments of silent calculating were cut short by three powerful words -- We made it. Screaming erupted from our van and surely into the other van; we could see our other teammates in the car hugging each other. We cried tears of joy and called home to tell our families that all of our hard work, early mornings, and late evenings resulted in this bliss. 

The Aztec Winter Guard, for the first time in the team's history, celebrated the 10 year anniversary by making it to WGI's Independent A Finals. 

Some on the team have competed in Dayton prior to this year; for others, it was the first time competing in Dayton, Ohio or even in WGI. All of us, however, knew our Finals performance was one for the memories. We made our way down Nutter Center's stairs, plungers in hand, to stand with the rest of the Independent A Finalists for full retreat. The lights went out, and the cheering escalated. As we stepped out from the black curtain, each team's staff, parents, and supporters waved from their seats. We congratulated the scholarship recipients, other finalists, and lastly, ourselves. While the performers are the face of the Aztec Winter Guard, our coaches and clinicians, families and friends, and everyone in between contributed to our monumental season. And to that, we thank you.