Video & Late Auditions

If you missed our May auditions, it's not too late to join!


Creating your Video Audition:

Please include everything into a single video instead of sending several links to different videos. It is much easier to send one link with all pieces of your video audition. 

  1. Introduction
    • State your Name, Age, and whether you are interested in auditioning for the Fall Marching Aztecs Color Guard, the Aztec Independent Open Winter Guard, or both.
    • Then tell us about any experience you may have whether it is a High School color guard, Drum Corps, Independent Winter Guard, Performance Group, Dance Team, etc.
  2. You only need to record yourself from the front for your audition video.
  3. The order of the video should be Introduction, Dance Across the Floors, Dance Combo, Flag Basics, then Flag Combo. If you are doing weapon you will then include the Rifle Basics then Rifle Combo, followed by Sabre Basics and the Sabre Combo. Remember, only dance and flag are required, rifle and sabre are optional and you do not have to do both weapons. 

Submitting your Video Audition:

  1. Upload the video on Youtube. Title the video “ SDSU Color Guard 2018-2019 Video Audition” Be sure to make the video public so that we will be able to view it with no problems. We are aware that there are other ways to send us your video audition but we prefer everyone to upload it on YouTube and send us the YouTube link to your video audition.
  2. E-mail us the link to your video. Be sure to double check that your video is viewable. Try sending the link to a friend or family member to assure you that the video will be viewable. 

You have 2 options:

  1. You can attend one of our rehearsals on the dates listed below to learn the routines and audition in person
  • Tuesday, June 19, 5-9pm
  • Thursday, June 21, 5-9pm
  • Tuesday, June 26, 5-9pm
  • Thursday, June 28, 5-9pm
  • You must email Michele at and let us know which day you are coming in to audition and we'll let you know the location. 
  1. Email us your audition videos by Sunday, May 27
  • Dance and flag are the only combos required. Rifle and sabre are optional.
  • Required additional skills to include in your videos:
    • 5 flag singles on the right
    • 5 flag singles on the left
    • 5 flag doubles on the right
  • If you are doing the rifle combo, please include:
    • 5 rifle doubles (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • 5 rifle triples (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • Optional - 5 rifle quads, (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • Optional - 5 rifle fives
    • Optional - 5 rifle sixes
  • If you are doing the sabre combo, please include:
    • 5 hilt doubles (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • 5 blade doubles (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • 5 hilt triples (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • 5 blade triples (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • Optional - 5 hilt quads, (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • Optional - 5 blade quads, (5-7 set-up preferred)
    • Optional - 5 hilt fives
    • Optional - 5 hilt sixes

Have fun with it! Don't stress about the small stuff ;) Remember to perform =D


Additional Requirements 

  • Pay the $40 audition fee online if you are submitting a video audition, or in person if you are coming in to audition.
  • Complete the Liability Waiver email it to as an attachment, or bring it if you are coming in person.

To pay online

  1. Click on the image to the left to add the item to your cart. It will then be added to your cart and appear in the upper right hand corner of the site.
  2. Click on your cart to pay the fee. 
  3. Please note that your audition is NOT complete until you pay the audition fee and receive email confirmation of your payment. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call or text Michele 858-472-2715. We look forward to meeting you!!!

Combo videos

  • Each video below has a front & back view with counts and a front & back view with music.
  • You have 2 sets of 16 at the end of the dance combo to improv and show off what you do best :)
  • The flag combo has a double at the end with a turn around catch. The optional version is to do a standard flag double with a catch to the front if you like. 
  • The rifle combo has a 45 toss and a parallel and for each you can do either a double or single. It also has a backhand catch behind the back - if you can't do that you can just do 2 backhands in a row. The toss at the end should be a quad, five, or six and if you can do a trick under it (turn, roll on ground, jump, varied catch position, etc.), please do that. 
  • The sabre combo has 12 counts at the beginning that are optional, so you can start there or just start with a dip and a hilt toss, which can be a quad or five.
  • When recording your basics, please state what they are before you perform them.
  • The music for each combo is included at the end of each video.