more than spinning

The SDSU Aztec Winter Guard is a student run 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that allows students to continue pursuing their passion of color guard while earning a college degree. Through the program students perfect their technique and expand their repertoire to include advanced skills in contemporary and stylized dance as well as in spinning flags, rifles, and sabres. The Aztec Winter Guard competitive ensembles give performers in the San Diego area an opportunity to be part of an organization with a world class staff that truly believes in not only teaching students become amazing performers, but helping them mature into remarkable young adults. The group performs in tournaments and showcases throughout California while competing in the Winter Guard Association of Southern California (WGASC), West Coast Winter Guard (WCWG), and Winter Guard International (WGI) local and international circuits. Each year we travel to several regional competitions both in and outside of California and look forward to attending WGI World Championships in Dayton, Ohio, WGASC SoCal Championships, and WCWG West Coast Championships in Orange County, California.

By joining a team comprised of students representing all backgrounds, cultures, and collegiate levels, students graduate as more well-rounded individuals having learned the values of collaboration and diversity to accomplish a singular goal. This activity is commonly referred to as the "Sport of the Arts" which instills in each member a positive work ethic, increased self-esteem, and a healthy dose of confidence from performing in front of tens of thousands of spectators over the course of a season. Members of the Aztec Winter Guard have the added prestige of being ambassadors for San Diego State University through presenting their show in the hope of inspiring high school teens to get involved in this preforming art and attending the university.

This is so much more than just color guard. My teammates are my family. We are always there for one another and I can’t imagine going through college without having this experience. I love this guard and I’m excited for all the great things happening this season!
— Tayler Hardie, Captain 2014-2015

Here is a tentative timeline of a year with the Marching Aztecs Color Guard & Aztec Winter Guard!